Welcome to Modern World History. We will be studying many histories, from different parts of the world, from the Age of Industrialism to the present day. Traditionally, this course has been taught with a strong focus on western European history, but this year we aim to challenge this biased paradigm. Because European nations had such an influence on the world during the period, they will often be part of the narrative we explore. However, we will aim to look at events and topics with a critical eye, and from the point of view of the colonized, rather than the colonizer. We may ask, for instance, how African nations remained culturally distinct, in spite of European efforts to “civilize” them. Our first unit will look at drug trafficking, not from the point of view of the United States, but from that of the people in Mexico. Each of our inquiries will be based around guiding essential questions, many of which you will develop yourself. In addition, if there are any topics that you want to explore specifically, we’ll try to make room in the class for these too.